Review - Heroes Chapter 15: Pass/Fail

Previously on Heroes, we saw everything we've seen already. What about the new? Last we left off Hiro, he, Ando and Mohinder were in Noah's apartment after strangely arriving. I never realized how convoluted Hiro's quest has become. He's trying to save Charlie, but he's been manipulated by Samuel to get to Mohinder to get a video that details his true powers. Throw in his mind-jumble and his quest becomes freeing Mohinder from Arkham Asylum and getting his memories back from ECT. Is he still looking for Charlie at this point? Now it seems he's helping Noah get back into the carnival. Or subjecting us to what at first glance appeared to be an utterly pointless This is Your Life mock trial questioning his existence as a hero when he collapses from the tumor. Fantastic. While the trial did trot out just about every character in the show's past (dead or alive), it did address Hiro's recent actions. Primarily, the trial questioned Hiro's perception of morality by discussing his going back in time to make Ando and Hiro's sister fall in love (at Samuel's behest of course). Hiro seems to think that things like that are ok when no one is harmed, which is a pretty strong about-face from when he said he was firmly against changing anything in the past. Regardless, the sequence was actually pretty powerful with its message. Basically, Hiro saved Charlie but sacrificed the long list of victims for Sylar in the process and, despite this, Charlie wasn't even saved as she was lost in time. Hiro was using Charlie as an excuse for doing the right thing, but his involvement in her life really only made it worse for her. Ando's cross-examination of Hiro was very poignant in the sense that Hiro admitted that saving Charlie was the one time he used his powers for anything less then pure good. He mentioned saving the world twice and not using his powers to save his dad from being killed when he had the chance. The final verdict was somewhat surprising yet you had to know that it wouldn't stand since the moment wasn't hyped very much. Personally, I think the show would've been much more powerful had Hiro's punishment been carried out, but instead we're given a brand new incarnation of Hiro that should make things interesting. I understand what the final Hiro scene was trying to accomplish but I just didn't feel it since I knew it wasn't permanent. I'm not really sure I'm buying Sylar's need for connection in order to "find himself." I mean, he had a connection with Elle (there was a moment between the two of them on the beach!) and he killed her for her power. The millionth power he's taken and never used again. And somehow he knows that Claire is best friends with Gretchen and has "kidnapped" her appropriately as leverage to make Claire connect. For all the weirdness of the storyline I did like what the message was. Sylar's points were that he and Claire were very similar in that they were both adopted, abandoned and immortal, but for some reason Claire manages to be semi-happy while Sylar isn't. His latest collected power was Lydia's and gave him the power to fully understand what someone is all about by touching them. He pretty much confirms what's been speculated the entire season in that yes, Claire does have feelings for Gretchen. You know, college experimentation feelings. I didn't really like Gretchen at first with her groupie mentality but she's grown on me as a healthy foil for Claire. She's kind of become the one true friend that Claire has always needed but never had for whatever reason. She accepts Claire for her power and is still willing to be friends with her and face the tough stuff with her. Even if that was all revealed in somewhat nefarious means it still stands pretty true and Claire realized it in a way. Not only did Samuel get his chick to continue to be kidnapped but he even got her to wear the dress he got her as a gift. I know it's one of Samuel's qualities as a character but how is it that no one can see through his perpetual persuasion? Chick had it right (almost) when she said that breakfast turns into lunch, lunch into dinner, dinner into drinks, etc. Basically saying that every word out of his mouth is one more clutch he digs in with to keep that person around. Add that to a strawberry milkshake and some rhythmic drumming and of course she's smitten and whisked away to his newfound meadow and dream cottage. It goes without saying that Samuel is a very delusional individual. He gives everyone everything that they think they want, but in the end it's really his perception of what makes him happy. I was happy to see his "girlfriend" calling him out on it by saying that everything wasn't actually done for her alone. With him, just about everything has an ulterior motive surrounding it. Of course, leave it to a woman to fully unhinge and awaken the Magneto in him. THIS is what I've been waiting for all season and is the setup the show needs to finish things on an excessively high note. Samuel has officially, officially lost it. The best part is that everyone in the carnival knows it and I have a feeling sides will need to be chosen. For an episode that was seemingly pretty lackluster a lot of things happened. Hiro, Claire and Sylar were all rejuvenated and reborn. Noah is on his way to the carnival and Samuel is officially a supervillain. There's no way that Samuel's actions in the small town won't draw attention from the government so I foresee some sort of Superhero Registration Act stuff happening in the final episodes. Shades of Nathan Petrelli's plans to bring out all the mutants so they could all live in peace. I'm sure that everyone will be converging on the carnival by the end and we should see a decent amount of action. I'm warming up to the last three episodes.