Review - Heroes Chapter 16: The Art of Deception

Last I checked, this season of Heroes only has 18 episodes. With last night's being Chapter 16, that leaves only two chapters left before season four of the show finishes up. Is it worth hanging around for those last two chapters? In a word... ...yes. Sylar being Sylar the antagonist does wonders for advancing the storylines. He's really serious about changing his life and wants Parkman to go into his head yet again and repress his powers somehow. Parkman's trepidation was refreshing and showed that there's continuity and it wasn't conveniently forgotten how difficult Sylar made Parkman's life earlier. I also liked how Parkman was trying to do what Sylar asked but he couldn't do it, putting his wife and child in danger (per Sylar's MO). Anyways, what Matt did to Sylar was really, really f'ed up (both mentally and physically). Like, you almost feel bad for Sylar because he seemed to want to be helped, but I guess you can only threaten so many people before they want to get revenge. Peter Power Watch: Angela Petrelli's premonition power. Until he gets Parkman's power because Angela's power told him that Sylar is needed to save the world. Boy, is he gonna be pissed at Parkman. Claire and Gretchen had another moment in the car, and it's pretty apparent that this is what they want to happen. While Lauren answering the door first thing in the morning and awkwardly telling Claire about their relationship was, well, awkward, it did definitively say that Samuel gains powers with more "specials" around him. The writers have really made Gretchen grow on me, as she asks Claire if she really wants to be normal why does she feel so compelled to interfere? At least this time she didn't consciously try to get involved, but when you've got a sleazeball like Multiple Man roaming around you know word's getting back to Samuel about Noah and Claire's getting caught in the middle. What happens when you can move mountains and you're depressed? You roam the streets with a blanket draped over your shoulder while sulking. I actually loved when Samuel said that Lydia has become the empath to replace Joseph. It's a gradual progression that I really didn't notice and I have to give kudos to the writers for making a seemingly innocuous character more important. Anyways, I was genuinely convinced that Samuel was going to turn himself in until it was revealed that he was behind the massacre at the carnival. Bravo Samuel, bravo. And I love his reasoning: he needed a villain. Of course, villainy comes at a cost, so you just knew that someone close to Samuel would die at the carnival. Did anyone else love the irony of Emma arriving at the carnival amidst chaos, similar to that of the hospital at the beginning? I mean, I know the symbolism was obvious, but besides Emma tending to Samuel we're one step closer to my prediction: Samuel moving earth and Emma amplifying the waves. And Samuel's scorched earth policy for swaying the crowd was masterful. I mean, his powers of manipulation are right on par with those of Angela's, except he can do it with his words and actions. Magneto flows through his veins, as his plot to galvanize his fellow mutants over apparent human aggression is the perfect thing he needs to get them on his side. This episode was clearly a setup episode for the last two chapters. It really moved a lot of the pieces into place for the finale, and I like where everyone's at. I haven't really said this in a while, but I'm really excited for the last two episodes of the season. The story isn't anything we haven't seen before in comics, but Samuel is playing his role so masterfully that I'll buy it.