Review - Tracker #2

After a little holiday/New Year's break I’m back with some more reviews for your reading enjoyment. Today we’ve got a title that I have thoroughly enjoyed since I read the preview magazine from Top Cow titled Tracker. Do you like mystery novels, police detectives, and werewolves? If you answered yes to that question than Tracker is for you! Alex O’Roark is a detective who seems to have a knack for running into trouble while trying to catch a serial killer known as Herod. His girlfriend wants him to quit, but O’Roark is drawn to the chase of Herod in a way he can scarcely control. It seems they have something in common, and O’Roark is going to have to come to terms with the fact that he isn’t exactly…human. With that…away we go! This was an interesting issue. The artist gives the whole thing a very dark feel which is very appropriate for what we are set up for. O’Roark has been infected. We get to see Cyril Tucker again who finally explains a little more about the Handel Corporation, his true employer. Apparently Handel has been studying a virus and tracking people that have it; this virus tends to affect people in a way that turns them into werewolves. I really like the portrayal of werewolves in this comic. They don’t turn into full-on wolves, but the art almost reminds me of Sabertooth- both in appearance and the savage personality when people are changed. The disease is emotion driven, and not bound to a full moon or any other factors. O’Roark learns much from Cyril in a short period of time, but still has trouble believing that the myth of a werewolf could be real. The ending has a nice little twist in it, and Herod is proving to be cunning and seemingly in control of the werewolf inside of him. It feels almost like O’Roark is forgetting a little bit about being a detective and allowing his newly heightened senses to take control a little too much. You can feel an inevitable showdown between the Agent and Herod coming up, but it is unclear what action the Handel Corporation might take at this point. I continue to enjoy the mix of action, police work and art style in this series. I think it's a fresh take on werewolves and O’Roark with his violent outbursts almost seems like he could turn either way. I’m fairly convinced he will get control of himself before he goes and murders someone himself, but the internal struggle does add a little intrigue. At this point Herod seems stronger with his physical abilities and at least as smart as the investigating agents (if not smarter), making him a very dangerous villain. Check out a preview of the issue below.