Review - We Kill Monsters #6

Here we are back again to see a close to a solid, new comic series that I have thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to more. Yes, finally We Kill Monsters #6 has come out and it didn’t disappoint with the action and bit of humor, bringing our story full-circle and answering the questions you want the answers to. Now time for the review; hope you enjoy it. The final issue of We Kill Monsters picks us up with brothers Andrew and Jake making it into the cereal factory only to find rows of monsters in tubes hooked up with hoses and see Dennis holding Vanessa captive with the giant bunny monster. An interesting standoff to find yourself in ya know? At this point Jake’s monster arm is the tentacle eye monster, which was really cool looking and they allude to the fact that Dennis is part monster too but doesn’t show it yet. One of the best things about this comic is they allow Dennis to do the classic "bad guy making the world better speech." You just can’t ask for more. It was one of those types of speeches that a Bond villain would use and made perfect sense in the grand scheme of his whole plan. Namely, use monster juice as a means of manipulating the consumer goods market. Jake jumps into fighting Dennis with his tentacle arm (not really seeing how it does too much damage), leaving Andrew and Vanessa to face off with the bunny monster. Jake don’t hold his own for too long as he is tossed into a glass window, making Andrew the next target for Dennis. Jake needs to step it up and ultimately turns into a giant, badass looking monster made up of a bunch of different types and looking to mess Dennis up. I won't spoil the ending of this epic monster battle. I really enjoyed this comic as it was a fresh approach and a fun read with lots of good humor and I'm still laughing thinking about them chasing after their mom’s cooler. I highly suggest you check this series out as it's a great comic. I would say that as a series I thought it was a great read with spot-on pacing that could be a "gateway" into the world Laura Harkcom and Christopher Leone created. A great beginning to a series that I hope to see more of in the future.