Solicitation - Radical: Bigger Books! Bigger Value

Exclamation points symbolize awesomeness. Especially when there are repeated exclamation points paired with the word "bigger" twice. Radical: Bigger Books! Bigger Value! is Radical's offering on Free Comic Book Day 2010 and features a cover by Clint Langley. And I'd say it lives up to its billing. Included in the book are four books actually. Those books would be After Dark, written by Peter Milligan and featuring art by Jeff Nentrup, Time Bomb, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Paul Gulacy, Driver for the Dead, written and illustrated by John Heffernan and The Rising, written by E. Max Frye and illustrated by J.P. Targete. Let's delve deep shall we? After Dark was actually created by director Antoine Fuqua and Wesley Snipes (I thought he was in jail too). It's got a sci-fi angle going, but other than that there's not much information. Time Bomb is a story the features time travel and being trapped in the wrong time, while Driver for the Dead is described as a blend of action, horror and voodoo. Oh yeah. Heffernan is the guy that wrote Snakes on a Plane. Finally, The Rising, which Radical refers to as "Spartacus for the future world" and boasts Band of Brothers writer Frye. As far as free comic books go, this is quite a decent haul for one book. Most stores (at least here in Boston) give you limits as to how many you can grab, so being able to basically grab four books in one is pretty awesome. And the stories included in this "anthology" if you will boasts some serious talent from within and without (?) the industry. Definitely one to keep your eye out for come Free Comic Book Day.