Zombieland writers penning Deadpool film

Update: Liefeld himself just tweeted that he knows who the villains are in the Deadpool movie but he can't tell you. Looks like the film is farther along than we thought. Last year Rob Liefeld himself announced that Deadpool would be getting a movie. It was then announced that Ryan Reynolds would play the role of Wade Wilson, reprising it from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now Variety reports that the film has gotten screenwriters to craft a delightful tale of rainbow and unicorns. Well, maybe not rainbows and unicorns, considering the duo tapped for the gig. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been brought on to write the story,riding high on their success with Zombieland. The pair plan to stay true to the Deadpool canon and, judging by the screenplay for Zombieland, will most likely be more than apt at crafting a tale that keeps the spirit of Deadpool intact. Considering that movie was a good blend of humor and action I can only imagine what they'll do with a Reynolds-inspired Deadpool. There's still no word on production or timeline for the film. The Green Lantern movie is set to start filming next month, leaving Reynolds a spot in the summer to film Deadpool. No doubt the Reese/Wernick script will have to be approved by Liefeld (and to some extent Reynolds) since it's so important to both that the character be presented propery. One has to wonder though if the "zombie" experience of the two writers will filter into the Deadpool movie, perhaps focusing on a recent storyline where Deadpool carries a zombie head with him everywhere he goes. The aughts were nothing if not a boon for superhero movies. The last decade saw Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman and the Fantastic Four make appearances in numerous origins, reboots and continuations. Even lesser known comic properties like Wanted, Ghost World and 300 were made into feature film adaptations that did reasonably well at the box office. Hell, the Watchmen movie was finally made (how it fared is a different story). It's nice to see that some of the second-tier characters are getting their chances to shine. Of course, Deadpool himself is riding a popularity wave with about 40 titles focused on him so that helps. Zombieland writers penning Deadpool film