Christopher Nolan mentoring next Superman film

Superman Returns was released to much fanfare and decent critical acclaim, but the fans weren't took keen on it as far as Superman films go. Brandon Routh was actually a really good Superman, and with Bryan Singer behind the film he provided an intelligent and pensive Superman. Where DC and Warner Brothers go from there has been up in the air, but Deadline Hollywood reports that regardless of the direction they're bringing in a big gun: Christopher Nolan. Nolan's official capacity on the film is still very much up in the air. The rumor as of now is that he'll be brought on to maybe produce or consult on the film, assisting whomever is chosen to direct the film. Nolan being brought on is pretty evident that DC/WB wants to take the Superman franchise to a more mature level, on par with that of what Nolan's done with Batman. Now, with Nolan working on the third Batman (Deadline Hollywood mentioned that he's had an idea for the third Batman, which is now being written by Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan, and David Goyer) it's apparent that he won't be directing this film. He has a good relationship with Warner Brothers though (he gave them the first distribution crack at Inception) and would be given tons of room to move with consulting on the film. That in itself is good news all around, because it means that Nolan will bring a certain gravitas to the Man of Steel that has been missing in the films. That's the good news. The bad news is the whole rights to Superman thing. Those rights revert to the families of the Siegels and Shusters after 2011, meaning a film has to be in production before then if Warner Brothers want to get the film on their books. Obviously, I would think that WB would want the third Batman to take priority over another Superman, but what if there's something grander in play here. What if Nolan is brought on for Superman as part of a Batman vs. Superman film? I know, I know, it sounds pretty ludicrous, but hear me out. The Batman vs. Superman film has long been rumored and we saw an animated version of it last year. Imagine, if you will, a Christopher Nolan directed Batman vs. Superman with Christian Bale and possibly Brandon Routh going one on one. It would be a great way to "forget" the Joker in terms of continuity since that role won't be recast anytime soon and it would give fans all they've been clamoring for. Plus, it would make truckloads of money, which will of course please Warner Brothers. This is all speculation obviously, but hey, you never know. Christopher Nolan mentoring next Superman film