Defense with the BoomPick

Tomorrow is the only other day besides Friday I look forward to during the week. Middle of the week and almost to the weekend sure, but also we get freaking new comics to read. Now looking over the list for the comics coming out tomorrow I didn’t see too much that blew my doors off except maybe one. It's a Marvel comic and the newest saga to befall the Marvel Universe, Siege #2. With Norman Osborn running the United States the superheroes have been spread thin or in hiding. Osborn sets his sights on taking over Asgard as the final place to conquer for him. This issue is looking to throw the universe into huge upheaval with a battle that looks to be the battle of the ages. Forget Civil War or the Skrull Invasion as we are going to see some major turn of events happen. It's looking like an Avenger is going to die from this battle as well, because they all can’t make it and it’s a mystery as to who that’s gonna be. Pick this one up tomorrow to find out as I know I'm going to be.