Defense with the BoomPick

New comic book day is tomorrow and I know for me it’s always a good day. Let’s look over the list and see if it will be a good day for you as well. I did see one particular comic that caught my eye and has me intrigued by the premise behind it. My pick comes from the folks over at Dynamite Entertainment and goes about bringing stories from times in the past to life with their new series Legendary Talespinners #1. There have always been tales passed down from person to person through the ages with some being truthful and others just being folklore. All is not well in the land of storytellers as a dark entity has been destroying the fabric of the stories and the tellers themselves. For Abby this world is about to come crashing down on her reality with the appearance of an old man whom believes himself to be the real Baron Munchausen that takes Abby into a world in need of her help.