Defense with the BoomPick

I always do enjoy a week that has a holiday on a Monday in it because I get the day off and start the work week on Tuesday, making new comic book day all that closer. Looking over the list of new comics I saw a few I'm going to get, which made my pick a bit difficult for this week. It was a bit of a Deadpool fight between which comic to choose, either Deadpool #19 or Merc with the Mouth #8, but I ultimately went with Deadpool #19. With him fresh off his stint of trying to join the X-Men it seems our favorite Merc is more of the lone wolf type guy. Attempting to stick with being the hero and not the usual bonehead he is has Deadpool doing a little more to help. This has him showing up in New York City to learn what makes a hero from one of the quickest, wisecracking-est heroes of them all: Spiderman. I can just imagine the jokes these two are going to be throwing back and forth at each other and know this is going to be even funnier than last issues. Make sure to pick this one up tomorrow to find out how it’s all going down since a bit of new story arc for our favorite Merc with the Mouth.