Defense with the BoomPick

Feels like only yesterday we had new comics come out and the ones I got had me laughing my ass off. Actually within the first page of one comic I was laughing because of a reference they did. For my pick this week you might have seen it coming, but for those who didn’t my pick is Deadpool #20. I was bit surprised when I saw this was coming out only a week after the last issue graced the shelves of our comic book stores. It seems you just can’t keep Wade Wilson down for long as this next issue has him and Spider-man teaming up to track down someone as good and deadly as Deadpool himself. The name of the guy they are looking for is Hit-Monkey. Yes, that’s right he’s a monkey. Between the three of these guys you aren’t going to find a faster, more agile and perhaps hilarious group of supers to put together. I see this issue going to a different level in terms of action and of course the jokes.