Defense with the BoomStick

You just never get used to the constant threat of death and having to take care of and bury your friends. Hey there folks. Time once again for my weekly broadcast of the news and a tip to help you stay alive, but sometimes I wonder what’s the point. Had some bad news this week from a secondary outpost I have manned as a backup and appears it was completely destroyed. When I hadn’t heard anything from them in a while I didn’t think too much of it, but a few survivors have made it back to me and confirmed my worst fears. Sorry if I'm being a bit of a downer in my message today, but I lost a lot of good people and friends from that compound making today not so great. I’ll get to the news and the tip of the week now. For the news I heard little this past week as I was a little too focused on my own problems.

I did hear that North Korea is actually holding their border and there have been no real big zombie outbreaks. They are sending aid to countries and are accepting refuges, but be warned they are still following the same sort of regime as before (not as strict though). The fact that North Korea is assisting others and allowing people with nowhere else to go into their country is leaps and bounds above how they were in the past, making them one of the pivotal countries to see the human race is not wiped out. Taiwan has almost gotten their island under control from the zombies, but are still finding some in the more urban spots. Going through my notes that looks to be all the news I have so I’ll get to the tip now. For my tip today I am going to go over the pros and cons of staying on the move or setting up in one location.

When staying on the move you do give up the security that a building offers with the walls and a safe place to sleep. Advantages of being on the move are that you won’t be bogged down in one location that can get surrounded by a horde and leave you with no options or no way out. Staying mobile allows you the freedom of finding supplies in different locations and allows you to sometimes not even see zombies for a good amount of time. Moving all the time also leads to the likelihood of not running into other survivors either that might decide to help you or take what you have.

If you keep moving then you can stay ahead of zombies and perhaps find a place that the infection hasn't touched. Sad to say that staying on the road is a draining experience because of the increase in dangers that can plague you at every turn. One problem that occurs from staying in one location is becoming complacent and losing the edge of survival that slowly goes away when you stay in one place. Of course, this is coming from someone who has stayed put in one location since before the outbreak started. Finding a spot and making that your home does come a few added benefits the road does not.

It's great to have a secure place to sleep and survive in, where some sort of balance and normalcy that can be comforting at times that makes a link to the world we had before. Depending on your location you can grow your own food and keep improving your overall defenses to make any zombie attack easier to handle. On the flipside staying in one location can make you a target for zombies and marauders alike wanting either to take your supplies or to eat you. The more remote a location you have the better off you will be and quite possibly be able to live your life in safety. Staying put also allows for a set location in case government forces are going to be securing the area; you're already in and making you all ready for the assistance. Fighting off zombies is a whole lot easier though when in a set location as hopefully you have some sort of fortifications or defenses that allow you to take care of the zombies in no huge rush.

Choosing to keep moving or picking a spot and staying to it becomes a decision that everyone must make. Make sure to not choose in haste as finding a good place to settle is tough and should fit certain criteria that I will go over in another broadcast. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.