Defense with the BoomStick

Monday is here again and time for a little work to get done. Brandon here and I'm bringing you my tip of the week and the news for the week as well. No sense beating around the bush, let’s get to it then as I am under the weather and this is taking all my strength. Starting with the news. Northern Europe is holding out among Sweden, Finland and Norway and are securing more zones and are taking in refugees. The Dominican Republic is being overrun with only a few settlements left holding out, but without assistance I don’t see them holding much longer. I have caught word that Cuba might be sending out help in conjunction with some U.S. Navy ships in tow. On the homefront a huge outpost near Kansas City has fallen.

I haven’t gotten confirmation, but there have been no broadcasts from there in a long time and my scouts have seen smoke coming from the area. If any survivors that might be fleeing from that area and are heading north make contact with me and I will work with you to get to me and a safe place. Sorry to disappoint you folks out there, but don’t think I am up to doing a tip today as I'm too weak from this illness afflicting me (I promise I wasn't bitten). Should be back on my feet before next week and until then keep fighting and keep surviving.