Defense with the BoomStick

Anyone out there receiving me?

Brandon here and I'm bringing to you the news and tip of the week. Been another busy week for us around here and from the reports I have gotten in it seems busy around the world as well. Without delay here is the news from the week. Starting us off is news out of Greenland that they are losing more ground against the advancing zombies. The few settlements left on the island have been requesting any sort of aid, but don’t expect much to occur. I passed the transmissions on to my government contact see if they can help, with their operation going on not sure what sort of help they can provide. News from Taiwan is they're getting an influx of zombies coming from the mainland and are getting swamped.

Not seeing them hold out much longer either and it’s a troubling note that I have been hearing from more places coming under attack and not making it. Unsure if this is a trouble that is going to befall everyone around the world, but is something to keep an eye on. If you see a bunch of zombies make sure to take care of them and do as little as possible to attract attention. Now for the tip of the week. For my tip today I will discuss possible best case scenario locations where one might find supplies at.

At this point in the world finding supplies might be a bit tough since most food in stores has been taken by other people. You might be able to find cans of food here and there, but your best bet is to check individual homes. Hopefully you are trying this method in a more rural area where houses are few and far between, making it less likely to run into zombies. When searching a house try and identify the kitchen as usually there is a door leading out of it and into the outside. Once you've determined where the kitchen is from a safe distance figure out how long you're going to stay in there. If in a party decide how many will go in and when the others follow if trouble happens. As always you must move quick and try not to linger, because no matter what zombies just have a way of finding us with the longer you stay more chance of getting attacked.

While walking through forests or fields be on the lookout for orchards or fresh fruit that will be on the trees. While in the fields you may find farm houses, which are the best location for this task as most have stockpiles of supplies and preserved food. They are a safer bet to check for supplies than a small town, but sometimes necessity takes over and these small towns are your only choice. When entering these towns make sure to stick to back alleys and backyards to keep out of sight. Make sure to leave a small backup force to keep watch and to watch over the groups' gear of the scout team, because they should travel as light as possible when going for supplies.

Always try back doors on buildings to keep your noise level down and at least give you a good entry point and an out of sight exit as well. While on the road look for little stops that could be a good spot to check for supplies in between checking the farms, making traveling on the road just a bit easier. Remember when checking for food or ammo always keep one eye on your surroundings so a zombie can’t get the drop on you. That’s it for today until next week this is Brandon signing off. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.