Defense with the BoomStick

Monday afternoon already? Brandon here, and I'm bringing to you the news and tip of the week against our undead attackers. On a sidenote I am doing better than last week as getting ill in this world sometimes is a death sentence on its own. Enough of the sidetracking time for the news. I have heard word that the survivors from the huge debacle in Washington state a few weeks back have made it to the safe zones in Alaska. The rest that got out of there have made their journey to Hawaii as there they are zombie free with an active naval group patrolling around the islands. For us still stuck on the continental United States seems I've got no good news as zombies are still everywhere. I did hear some broadcasts about a few outposts in North Dakota and Idaho that have fallen due to the overwhelming forces of zombies surrounding them.

If you're in these areas be on the lookout for large groups of zombies; just because they might not be able to get into your compound they can still kill you all if you can’t get out for supplies. One last piece of news. I can’t confirm to a strong degree, but I have gotten a bit of intel from a buddy of mine in the government forces securing New England that they are planning a new offensive or are working on a strategy to help. When I get more word on this I’ll pass it along as any good news is welcome. With no further delay I bring the tip of the week. Today on the agenda is to go over best methods of escaping past a zombie.

Now getting in close with a zombie is a sure way to get yourself killed, but there are ways to maneuver the fight to your advantage. Of course if all possible just put a bullet in their head and be done with it, but sometimes being out of ammo does happen and when it does you should be prepared. Don’t panic as the advantages are all on your side in this fight because you can think, move faster and keep your wits about ya to get out of there. If you can’t find any melee weapon around you then your goal is to not kill the zombie, but to simply get past it and escape.

First, square off with them keeping your eyes at all time focused on the zombie as you work out whether you can slip past them. Zombies are slow so slipping past them is your best option, but sometimes you might find yourself in a narrow passage with no way out except to go through the zombie. In this case getting the zombie off its feet is one way to accomplish this by going low and kicking their legs out. Once you manage this through using a leg sweep or by kicking their kneecap to disable them, back off and see how they land as once the zombie tries to get up and can’t it should start crawling towards you. This is when you take your opportunity to make a move and aim to get past it. Be careful when you do as you've gotta watch their hands that could grab you while passing them. A way to combat this is to aim to jump on their back, launching you past them and keeping the zombie pinned to the ground.

Another method before making your move past the zombie is to give them a good swift quick to their face, provided you have sturdy boots on; this should shift them a bit out of your way making escape easier. That’s all I have for today and for this tip its best to not find yourself in a situation where you have no ammo and no backup melee weapon. If it does happen remember to keep your wits and stay calm letting them get you out of that scenario. Until next week this is Brandon signing off, remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.