Legends of Steel Creek debuts

Got another webcomic for you folks, and this one's free. TJ Comics has just announced the new, weekly webcomic called Legends of Steel Creek, written by Kevin Powers and featuring art by Ger Curti. The story is set in the late 1860s/early 1870s shortly after the Civil War in a town in the New Mexico Territory. The story looks at the people both inside the town of Steel Creek and out, as the town is run by a former Confederate Colonel named William Hanover. Colonel seems to care for the town, but his brutality comes to pass whenever anyone crosses him. His tendencies to employ criminals, pillage the natives and demand loyalty is tested when a bounty hunter arrives in town. I'm thinking Al Swearengen of Deadwood fame. Check out the comic here and be sure to check in weekly to find out the latest happenings in Steel Creek.