Manga - The Other White Meat

So last week we saw the epic finish to the fight between Danzou and Sasuke that had been raging for several chapters; I’m not sure where they are going from here. Sai and Kakashi were also trying to stop Sakura from doing anything stupid while Naruto and Yamato went back to rest. In Bleach some fighting finally seemed to be coming to a head as Vizard Shinji and Captains Hitsugaya, Kyouraku and Soifon are all battling Aizen to end the threat to soul society and the real world. I’m still not sure why people think they aren’t completely hypnotized by Aizen’s power but we’ll just have to wait and see if they are or are not at this point. Let's get right to it shall we? BLEACH To open chapter 391 Komamaru and two of the vizard are defeated in an instant after attacking Aizen. Another one falls after a misguided attack and no real effort on the part of Aizen is being used. Soifon steps in to face off and she and Aizen have a chat. She clones herself a few times and attacks, but when Aizen tries to deflect the attack he finds that his sword is caught in ice as Hitsugaya uses an attack. Aizen manages to dodge Soifon’s big attack, but then is struck by Kyouraku’s ability to attack from anywhere where there is a shadow. The ice Hitsugaya attacked with caused a shadow to form. Hitsugaya then attacks from behind, and Aizen thinks to himself that striking without planning ahead has always been the young captain’s greatest fault. Aizen appears to be caught off guard, however, because Shinji’s ability to reverse everything is still in effect. The chapter closes with Hitsugaya piercing Aizen through the chest with what seems to be a death blow. That was far too easy for the ultimate boss though, and I’m sure in reality he is using his hypnosis. I’ve been wondering for a few episodes if they have been fighting Aizen at all or just another captain and he’ll break the hypnosis to allow Hitsugaya to realize he has pierced an ally instead of his enemy. NARUTO In chapter 481 we are treated to a flashback where Danzou and his former rival, the 3rd Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, are in a battle together. First, we see that Sasuke pierced his ally to get his revenge. Then, Danzou stumbles off and remembers the moment when the 2nd Hokage sacrificed himself in battle and named Sarutobi as the successor to the title of Hokage. Even back then we begin to see Danzou’s equal parts cowardice and jealousy of Sarutobi that eventually have led him to this point. I like flashbacks in Naruto as some of these people have motivations that are just plain hard to understand. After remembering that event, Danzou states that Sarutobi is still one step ahead of him and that he could not surpass him. Danzou uses a suicidal jutsu in an attempt to take on Madara and Sasuke, but it fails. In the meantime Sakura and the group are closing in on Sasuke, but Sakura clearly has other plans. Sai attempts to stop them long enough for Kakashi to catch up but it looks like things are going to come to battle between the teammates. Sasuke states that it is time to go to Konoha as Madara and he look over the body of Danzou. I’m curious to see what Sakura will do, typically she does something emotional and stupid whenever she has to to carry the storyline and Naruto has to save her. Maybe this time will be different. Overall both chapters this week were actually fairly entertaining. There has been a pick up in the action of Bleach that is necessary since the dialogue doesn’t really grip you all that often. At the same time another MAJOR figure in Naruto has left the world, and I’m sure there will be repercussions. See you next time!