Manga - The Other White Meat

So things have been progressing wonderfully in both series for a change and I’m curious to see what happens next in each. In Bleach we still have the “boss fight” of this arc going on, and I have a feeling it might continue for a month or two. In Naruto, Sakura is tracking down Sasuke to have a showdown with him and attempt to kill him, or at least so we believe. Let’s get right into the action shall we? BLEACH The battle with Aizen continues. At the end of our last chapter it appeared that Aizen had been run through by Captain Hitsugaya, but if there is one thing this series has taught us lately it's that Aizen always has a trick up his sleeve. Chapter 392 opens with Ichigo looking shocked at the results of what happened. Everything thinks that the captains have done it and that the fight is over. The others involved in the battle, Soifon, Kyouraku, and Shinji let their guard down as it appears to be over. The vice-captains begin to celebrate a little and their spirits are up when suddenly the formerly mortally injured Hinamori, one of the vice-captains, gets up and starts walking away. Hinamori was formerly in love with Aizen, who was the captain of her division. Shinji then notices that Gin hasn’t moved yet, and it seems odd that if his leader was in trouble he wouldn’t have tried to do something to help. It's at this point that Ichigo yells out, “What the hell are you doing!!?”, and Aizen releases his hypnosis effect on everyone to reveal that he was actually Hinamori on the ground as two of the vice captains fall to his blade. Hitsugaya has actually pierced Hinamori through the heart. Hinamori was Hitsugaya’s childhood friend and the captain begins to completely lose his mind. In the meantime, Aizen on the ground asks why they ever thought he wasn’t using his hypnosis, and he cuts down all of them. Looks like Bleach is off for a while starting this week so I’ll have to come up with something else for next week. I’m a little confused though, because if Ichigo isn’t under the hypnosis, why didn’t he say something sooner? What was he waiting for? He should have seen this coming the whole time. Oh well… NARUTO If you can believe it, Naruto was actually the more boring chapter this week! In chapter 482 Naruto has snuck away from Yamato in order to go after Sasuke and Sakura against Kakashi’s wishes. Madara tells Sasuke that he overused his eye and he almost has gone blind and he should take it easy, and then takes Danzou’s, or I guess Shisui’s sharingan that is in Danzou’s head, eye for his own use. Sai attempts to stop Sakura from going after Sasuke on her own, but when her teammates attack she hits them all with some kind of gas that knocks them out and moves out on her own. The clone of Sai informs Kakashi that Sakura has gotten away from everyone, which impresses her former master. In the meantime Madara says that Sasuke should kill Karin because she knows too much. Karin has a flashback to when she first met Sasuke at the Jounin trials many years ago and that is where she fell for him. Just as Sasuke is about to finish her Sakura shows up and says that she wants to join Sasuke. Back in Madara’s lab, which he's teleported to, he finds that Danzou has crushed Shisui’s eye before dying. It is also revealed that Madara has a HUGE stockpile of Sharingan eyes for some nefarious purpose. Madara is a scary, scary guy. The episode ends with Sasuke and Sakura facing off. Who knows what will happen next. There was great development in this chapter. I have no idea how Naruto manages to progress so many storylines in such a short space and not make it seem totally cluttered. Until next time everyone!