Manga - The Other White Meat

Why hello there! Thanks to all three of you that stop by every week to chew on the progressions of the Bleach and Naruto manga series. This week there is no new Bleach being released so I’m going to hold off on reviewing the manga from last week for now. However, in light of the recent reports regarding Nick Simmons' Incarnate book published by Radical Comics I’ll just weigh in briefly on that. In Naruto however, we shall continue to strive on. NARUTO In Chapter 483 Sasuke and Sakura are facing off for the first time in a long time. Kakashi however has come to the site where Sakura left Sai, Lee and Kiba (along with his dog companion Akamaru) behind using a powerful sleeping gas. Kakashi wants to protect them but instead hides their bodies quickly and moves to stop Sakura. I think everyone knows that if Sakura attacks Sasuke she will die. He is a beast. Sakura meanwhile continues to speak about wanting to join Sasuke, and he insists that she prove her desire by killing Kiran, who is down for the count after Sasuke ran her through to finish his epic fight with Danzou. Sasuke also states his goal to crush the leaf, and Sakura approaches with the intent to try to kill him. Sasuke is about to use Chidori, an assassination lightning jutsu to kill Sakura, and she is toast, when Kakashi arrives to save her. Kakashi orders Sakura to take Kiran and leave, declaring that it is his fault Team 7 (originally comprised of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura before Sasuke allowed revenge to destroy him) broke up. He was a bad captain and mentor for all of them. For the first time Sasuke takes on the truly insane look of a supervillain when asked to stop and claims that he will stop when his entire clan (the Uchiha) are brought back from the dead. Sasuke and Kakashi face off as Naruto rushes to the scene. I have a bad, bad feeling that Kakashi is going to die within sight of Naruto, who has already lost so many people close to him. As much as I rail on comics and manga series where no one ever dies, Kakashi is simply too important to the series, and I hope he doesn’t die in this fight. I know…I’m a hypocrite. BLEACH In lieu of a chapter review this week I’d like to weigh in on what I see of the side-by-sides of Nick Simmons’ Incarnate. There is no doubt in my mind, judging from the Livejournal site linked to in the previous post here on Omnicomic, that this book should be shut down immediately. Radical must see the same thing as companies tend to be pretty protective of their properties. Even the weapons used are the same. The white haired man with the sickle weapon could be ripped directly from the fight between everyone’s favorite Bleach badass Zaraki Kenpachi and the Espada Nnoitera (spelled differently in different places). It is the Espada’s weapon and a practical tracing of Zaraki’s form. Some of the writing is even completely similar. For Radical’s sake, because they produce a lot of quality work, I hope they don’t end up legally liable but at this point I don’t see any way that something won’t happen. They really should have seen this as it is identical. I’m actually shocked that anyone thought they could get away with this. Nick Simmons will have to stick to being the famous son of a rock legend because I doubt anyone will touch his work again. Well, I don’t want to excessively bash, more then I have that is, anyone involved but this was not an honest mistake. Basically characters were traced and the weapons were switched around. Hopefully the suspension of the series will be enough to satisfy any copyright/rights holders, but I am definitely curious to see where this goes from here.