New Arrivals: February 24, 2010

Come this time next week we'll be in the third month of 2010. At the moment though, we're still in February, smackdab in the middle of Punxatawny Phil's six more weeks of winter. Tomorrow is smackdab in the middle the week at Wednesday, meaning it's that time for new comics. This week, in addition to Blackest Night #7 and Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #1, you should be checking out We Will Bury You #1. The story boasts four writers in Brea and Zane Grant, Kyle Strahm and Ben Templesmith and is set in 1927. The same year that the silent film ended and the first man completed a solo transatlantic flight a zombie virus pulled a bubonic plague and decimated the human race. Who's left? Two unlikely heroines fighting to survive the streets of New York that are a lot more dangerous than before. 32 pages and $3.99 later this book will be on your shelf or in your longbox. Enjoy! New Arrivals: February 24, 2010