New Arrivals: February 3, 2010

Today is Groundhog Day. That day when a ground-dwelling rodent can predict the remaining time in winter (six more weeks apparently). Or the title of a really awesome movie with Bill Murray that never gets old (get it, because the movie is the same day repeating itself and the movie never ages...anyone?). In honor of the day and with the batch of fresh comics coming out tomorrow I figured I'd recommend a comic that never seems to get old, despite the age of the character. The pick this week is Zorro: Matanzas #1 Zorro: Mantanzas #1 is sort of a reprint of sorts from Dynamite Comics. The original Zorro team is on break, so instead you get a retelling by Don McGregor and Mike Mayhew. This is the first time this story about the black-clad swashbuckler has made it's way to comic book pages. And I'm pretty sure that's the Most Interesting Man in the World on the cover. But I could be wrong. Enjoy! New Arrivals: February 3, 2010