Preview - Hit-Monkey

I never really knew that Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited service provided brand new comics in addition to the treasure trove of back-issues. Set to debut today is a brand new comic that involves a monkey, a suit and two guns: Hit-Monkey. Written by Daniel Way, with art by Dalibor Talijoc and cover by Frank Cho, Hit-Monkey is about a "troubled soul, set upon a path of vengeance he does not understand." Wow. It's not quite on par with a Monkey in a Wagon fighting a Lemur on a Big Wheel but come on, what is? You've got to be a subscriber (obviously) to read the comic, so hopefully the interiors after the jump will entice you. $59.99 a year I believe and $4.99 a month, so even if you went just for the month you're paying a little more than you would for the issue in stores (and you get access to so much more).