The Rat-Catcher's Son

Doug Lefler used to be a film far as I know, he still is (for the record, directing is more of an "every now and then" thing for Lefler...he prefers comics). But at the rate he's going with this comic thing he may be updating his resume and moving the comic experience to the top. A little over two weeks ago, Lefler debuted Seven Extraordinary Things, an online comic that tackled what a passionate artist would sacrifice to be the best at his trade. He updates the comic daily, but a side project he's finished is The Rat-Catcher's Son, a work that tells the story of the humblest person in town competing with the most fascinating man of his day. There's a moral thrown in there for good measure. Check it out if you're so inclined at the website. Full press release after the jump. Doug Lefler presents the “The Rat-Catcher’s Son”. Los Angeles, California, February 1st, 2010. Artist and filmmaker Doug Lefler has a website where he daily offers new panels of his graphic novel SEVEN EXTRAORDINARY THINGS. Occasionally he writes on the subject of visual narration and posts it in the Journal section of his site. He recently added “The Rat-Catcher’s Son” to this series. Why shouldn’t you try to create characters that are interesting? This is the question addressed in the story of Tom, son of the local rat-catcher in a small medieval village. Learn what happens when the humblest person in town finds himself in direct competition with the most fascinating man of his day. This short story, told mostly with pictures, illustrates a critical point on developing strong characters. Doug Lefler is a storyboard artist turned filmmaker, turned graphic novelist. His directing credits include The Last Legion and Dragonheart: a New Beginning. He has worked extensively with Sam Raimi; was second unit director on Army of Darkness, A Simple Plan and the first Spider-Man movie. He also directed the pilot episodes of Hercules, the Legendary Journeys and Xena, Warrior Princess. SEVEN EXTRAORDINARY THINGS is his graphic novel about art, love and sleepless nights, inspired by his own experiences at California Institute of the Arts in the late 70s. He currently lives, works and walks his dog in Los Angeles, California.