Review - 28 Days Later #6

Has everyone been dying to get their fix of infected humans that now act like zombies? Well I have good news then; today we’ll be talking about BOOM! Studios 28 Days Later! From an original full team of journalists we are down to Clint, Derrick and Selena trying to make their way to London across the rather terrifying landscape that is the UK in a post-rage outbreak. In the past two issues we have seen the survivors land in an isolated region of Scotland and have learned about Clint and Derrick’s past as war reporters. Not much has happened to progress the storyline and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been growing apart from this series, but there is still potential here! Let’s see if issue #6 can draw me back in the way that the first two issues in this series did. We open the current issue with Clint and Selena running through the forest presumably to take down some rage infected people, with Derrick blinded by an explosion and Selena trying to protect him. This is obviously becoming a difficult prospect, and I’m beginning to wonder even more now then I did two issues ago if they are going to have to kill him in order to stay alive. Clint and Derrick are war buddies, so Clint isn’t going to just let it happen, but at some point they need to do something. Eventually they wonder to shelter and find a place to sleep for the night, but finding transportation proves to be a bit more difficult and leads to the tensest situation so far in the series. While things are going down we are treated to a flashback for Selena. Slowly but surely we are learning about what happened to these people before they came on this little joyride into hell. The issue ends abruptly with, once again, some dangerous looking people that are definitely not infected. This comic moved along much better then the past issues have. Perhaps I’ve been reading too many monster 60+ page comics lately to appreciate that there is only so far you can move a story along in 26 pages and I need to go a little easy on the pace right now. We definitely had a little more action in this issue, and the Derrick problem is becoming more and more of an issue with every step the trio takes. As always the artwork is really nice and the ending was actually a nice, unexpected twist this week which I can always appreciate. Perhaps pockets of civilization still exist on the island? While it seems unlikely, there are always survivors in disasters. As always, this issue had a little action, quite a bit of character development and a little twist for a cliffhanger at the end. I have no idea at this point what Clint hopes to accomplish, or how he intends to survive long enough for any reporting he can do to get back off the island when he is done with it. Maybe part of the reason I’m falling out with this is because I was just expecting more action from this title, and much like the movies this appears to live on tension that forms rather then just blood and guts and shredded zombies. Perhaps if the group were fighting for a greater cause that I could get behind. As it is, the world knows there was an outbreak. Is investigating the source really that important? Oh well…perhaps an alternate goal will pop in that is more likely to hold my attention. For now this issue was very similar to the last few, which is to say well-drawn with good character development, but the same overall ambling and not all together clear goal of the trip. Hopefully they’ll get to London and something will happen. At this point I feel like the little kid sitting outside the Incredibles' house answering the question of what are you waiting for with, “I don't know. Something amazing, I guess.”