Review - Die Hard Year One #6

You ready to jump back into the shoes of Detective John McClane yet? Well today you get your chance with Die Hard Year One #6 coming out and man was it awesome. The writers waste no time getting right back into the action from the last issue. Before I start my review I've gotta say this was one damn good issue and if you haven’t been reading this series you should be. This issue by far has so much shit go down it's mindblowing the level they are taking this comic to. Here be my review. To start, we get back to the hostage situation at the massage parlor where McClane and his partner Detective Olga have the armed robber pinned inside. Of course the situation blows way up with spectators, more cops, news crews, you name it, showing up and making this one messed up place to be. The pair split up the duties leaving Olga to handle the press and McClane to figure out what to do that gets the robber out. With his experience (and knowing that he's John McClane) this will mean some crazy ideas are going to be flowing as well as some gunfights (at least that’s my thinking). Now the story starts to do the hectic jumping stories thing, thus kicking off a whole new level of insanity. We get a little flashback first of that young woman from before (Miss Keller) as it seems she has figured out a plan to get the money from the safety deposit box that she sought. Going back to McClane and his Partner Olga getting the press under control in addition to finding the super that is in charge of the building and coming up with a plan to get into the building without the robber knowing. We then find ourselves back to the small town crime family in Tuxedo, New York, and the formation of a plan that looks to pay big for them and looks to play a bigger role in our main story as well. They then head into the city to meet with some guys to help carry out the plan that looks to somehow shut the city down. Following is some delving into more of McClane’s past life experiences that directly relate to tunnels and tight spaces. The comic shows the reader his time spent in Vietnam crawling through VC tunnels and then as a young boy crawling through a crawlspace. I like the writers taking the time to give him a little more personality and character to keep you hooked. McClane realizes that something bad is about to go down because he knows the heat makes people angry and do stupid things. We're left with one of the brothers arriving for work at a power plant that happens to supply power to the entire city of New York. Finally setting into motion the scheme to loot the entire city during one big blackout as they cut the power to it all. It makes you realize how the young girl is getting her money from the safety deposit box as she has paid off one of the brothers to get it for her. One thing I have to say about these issues is that they tie the stories together perfectly. I've really enjoyed reading this series and it just hits all the right notes that you would expect a Die Hard comic to have. I am definitely looking for the next issue to see how this all plays out.