Review - Drone #3

You ready for another review already? I'm sure you are. Today I'm reviewing Drone #3 from those fine people over at Red 5 Comics, and this is a book I've really enjoyed reading so far. With a great amount of action the creators manage to pack into this comic I can’t imagine what they are planning for the next one. First a quick recap, and then review time. For those who haven’t been reading this series here's the deal. There's a new sort of unmanned robot that the Army uses featuring a sort of Drone system while the soldier is safely back in the United States. While they are out on a test run during a war in Kazakhstan the team is ambushed and all killed except for one technician named Cat. Unknown to the rebel soldiers, one droid was hacked by a group of guys in Texas and he manages to fight them off and saves the lone survivor running into the woods. They are heading towards where all the U.S. troops are at in the city of Almatay, but with the rebels after them, the battery running low on the drone and everyone out of ammo things get interesting. There's also a Chinese agent in the United States specifically in Texas tracking down the hackers to kill all of them. Now with that said this issue shows the Drone and Cat reaching the outskirts of the city while the war rages on down below them. Going through the get to know you phase between the guy controlling the Drone named David and Cat about why they think this happened and who they are. When the two make it down to a main road next to the city the rebels are coming at them, leaving them to come up with a plan. For the guys back in Texas the agent has gotten closer to finding them as one of the guys who went for coffee spots him and alerts the others. Eventually the guy gets to door banging it down only to discover they took off already getting the satellite signal for the Drone while in the car. This leads to an awesome gunfight car chase that was freaking hilarious to read. I have to say these guys have some ingenuity about them and their going to need it because of all the crazy stuff going down halfway around the world. This is where the hilarious nature of the car chase comes in as while the guys are being shot at and chased in the Texas, the Drone and Cat are being chased as well. Whenever David gets shifty crazy in Texas the Drone bounces all over the road slamming into cars and what have you. This is where we find ourselves at the end of this issue with the rebels now in full control of the Drones and looking to cause some destruction. The guys in Texas are hiding out in a television station attempting to use the satellites there to confuse the signal and slow down the guy trying to kill them. From the looks of the last panel it doesn’t look to be working all that well with him closing in on their location and finishing the job. Keeps you definitely interested in seeing how this all plays out and what sort of damage the rebels are going to cause. If you haven’t been reading this series go back and pick up the first two as it's worth to read.