Review - Heroes Chapter 17: The Wall

One more week, one more week to go. Last week Samuel had essentially moved all the pieces in place to facilitate a full-out humans/mutants war. Last night's episode showed that Noah Bennett was a a big fan of dark sunglasses, leather jackets and used cars. Where does that leave us in preparation for next week? It's reasonable to think that Sylar would have reservations when encountering Peter. His perception of time had three years passing while in actuality it was just three hours, enough time for Sylar to decide to go back to his watch fixing ways. The scene was even more believable when Peter wasn't able to so quickly get the two of them out of the mindf**k that Parkman put Sylar into. I'll also accept gratuitous comic book shout-outs, as Sylar failed to deliver on a Doc Savage or Flash issue for Peter to enjoy while being trapped in there. The symbolism of the brick wall (and the name of the episode) was a little too easy. Often, psychologists encourage their patients faced with a mental block to envision a wall that they must break through to get out. I guess that since this is a Parkman creation that the psychology thing makes sense. Sylar apologized for killing Nathan, and he and Peter were this close to coming to blows with sledgehammers until Sylar realized if he actually helped Peter they may get out. Claire's character development is still sort of uneven, but at least she's moving towards this same overall endgame: a more mature Claire. I really expect her to go through another one of those maturity growth spurts after being privy to her dad's memories. I'm normally not a big fan of the flashbacks, but last night's episode gave us valuable insights into Noah's history. He had a wife before Claire's mom, as well as a kid on the way. In a scared panic he accidentally killed another mutant, showcasing one of the most visceral human traits of stereotyping (he assumes that one special knows all other mutants). The flashback showed Noah's transformation from carefree, father-to-be to cold, calculating "one of us, one of them" company man. He had a history of killing mutants as he found them, which of course would look badly, prompting Thompson to encourage Noah to wed and have a kid as a means of taking some of the heat off his actions. Nice little sidenote in referencing Claude (Invisible Man) as being his first partner at the company. Things got even more intriguing when Claire saw a memory of two weeks ago where Noah visited Gretchen to get her to stop encouraging Claire's flights of fancy. Cue the Haitian. This would explain her sudden change of heart in telling Claire that she should back off of Claire, which of course severed Claire's relationship with her father yet again. Only this time she's not going to turn on her dad, and instead tells Samuel she won't join him. Enough reason for Samuel to bury her and Noah alive in the souvenir trailer so she can rethink her decision. If Samuel keeps up this sinister nature I'll be very happy and it will make his final attack that much more nefarious. The setup for the final episode is pretty much where we'd thought it'd be. Samuel is on his way to Central Park to amplify Emma's soundwaves, causing mass destruction in one of the most densely populated cities. Claire and Noah are trapped about 50 feet underground, where Noah surmises Claire will watch him suffocate (although, that's got to suck for Claire, as she'll just keep dying and then reviving). And Multiple Man has been sent to stop Peter and Sylar, fresh off their escape from loneliness. I don't really see that working out too well for him, as Sylar is refined now and will let loose (plus he's shown in next week's previews fighting). The season finale could be a showstopper. Hopefully, we'll at least get to see some of the action this time around (as opposed to just Claire looking through a door to see sparks flying around). I have a feeling that the body count is going to be relatively high in Central Park with more mutants dying than humans. Parkman sort of disappeared, and Hiro/Ando/Mohinder have really sort of been an afterthought. Why exactly was it crucial for Hiro to retrieve Mohinder again? Let's hope that these loose ends are tied up and set up the next season.