Review - Heroes Chapter 18: Brave New World

Well, it's been a long journey but we're at the end folks. The entire season has been building up to Samuel collecting as many mutants as possible to amplify his powers and wage war against humans. How did the final encounter shake down? Was Hiro made relevant again? Will Sylar decide to be good or bad? Will Claire ever trust her dad? Read on for thoughts. There are some spoilers within, so if you haven't seen the episode you may want to hold off on reading the review. Based on the intro essentially showing all Hiro highlights I was expecting him to play a big part in the finale. I guess it makes sense, his absence, as he was recovering from having the tumor pushed out of his head. We did find out that Charlie was sent back to January 26, 1944 (a quick Google check shows that date to be when FDR intervened in a congressional scrum regarding a soldier's vote program and branded state rights measure as "fraud on soldiers and sailors and marines"). And honestly, that's pretty f'ed up. Samuel made Hiro suffer the most by sending her back in time to age, so that when he encountered her in the present she would be 40 years his senior. Have you noticed that from a distance, Lauren looks a lot like what I'd imagine Claire would look like in about 20 years. Intentional? Claire and Noah in the coffin (trailer) was actually a bit shorter than I thought it would be. I guess the only time needed was for Noah to bare his soul to Claire and let her know about what she saw in the house of mirrors. There was a point there where I figured that Noah wouldn't last and that the show would feature a big name death. Alas, the third blonde in Noah's harem, Traci, was called by Lauren to save the two of them. They never really mentioned where exactly Samuel's carnival was, but man they got to Central Park awful quick and there's no way they'd be able set up a full-fledged carnival like that without getting permits. Slight bit of reality I guess will have to be overlooked for the sake of the finale. I guess that Noah and Claire made it there pretty quickly by chopper and with Peter and Sylar showing up just as fast it seems that all roads lead to New York. Hiro getting there quickly I'll actually buy, but it's sort of ironic that Noah wants his running crew there when they'll just make Samuel that much more powerful. His pairing with Edgar was refreshing though I will say (although it really only amounted to Edgar letting Noah live). I really liked Doyle controlling Emma and making her play the cello. Of course, this is because she finally decided to believe Peter and realized her music would make the dream come true, killing thousands. Doyle is a character that had the potential of Parkman to really be too powerful, but they took him in a completely different direction and kind of made him second-tier. Besides controlling Emma it's apparent that his presence in this episode was to act as a foil for Sylar. Sylar looks like he is legitimately reformed and heroic while Doyle is still villainous (a point that Doyle tries to play on expecting Sylar to spare him). Claire gets on her soapbox (literally) to convince the carnies that Samuel is aiming to kill everyone at the carnival that's not a mutant. I'm a little reluctant to be convinced that everyone didn't believe Claire until she mentioned Samuel's killing of his brother. And what did Parkman do to Multiple Man exactly? Did he put in his head to go there and do whatever Noah says? There was no way that Parkman could know what Multiple Man did (unless of course he saw it in his head). If you had 10 minutes left in the season for Samuel to go Magneto on the world please collect your prize on the way out. I loved the final fight between Samuel and Peter. Peter is an amazingly quick learner to pick up Samuel's power so fast, but their showdown was really good. And even when faced with possible death Samuel was still spitting his persuasion about how Nathan was holding Peter down. The fight was shortened by the Ando/Hiro supercharged teleport everyone away combo, taking away all of Samuel's true power. And then the cops show up. This is the season that sold me on Claire. Her statement at the end of the season was witnessed by Ando, Hiro, Lauren, Noah, Peter and the reformed Sylar as well as cameras all around the world. Sylar said it best with the line "it's a brave new world" and Claire's leap is going to change everything in the course of the show. I think this is probably the best way for it to go in order to keep the show original. I also liked the throwback to Claire's first learning about her power ("this is Claire Bennett and this is attempt number..."). So with next season the cat's out of the bag and everyone knows about the mutants. As far as an episode of Heroes go, last night's was actually really good. My problem with it was that it should've been the second to last episode (most of it anyway). Because it's only an hour, it took most of the show to wrap up all the storylines from the season. The episode wasn't necessarily bad (in fact, I was quite pleased), but there should have been more mutant infighting and less storyline in this last episode. Up until the last ten minutes I was a little worried about the show as a finale but in the end I felt that it was a much stronger finale than the ending to last season. Granted, Parkman trapping Sylar in Nathan's body was a great ending with a lot of promise it was resolved a little too quickly this season. The episode ended Volume 5 with what is obviously a greater awareness of the mutants (everyone's going to talk about what Claire did). Volume 6 will feature tons of blowback from Samuel and Claire's actions. Sylar is a hero now (at least for the time being) but now we're left with a huge villain void. I'm sure someone else will step up and carry Samuel's torch (no doubt breaking him out in the process...I hear he's used to prison breaks) and next season will at least breathe fresh air into the series with everyone knowing about the mutants. Huzzah Heroes. Huzzah.