Haven't got enough of your webcomics fill? Need to find something else to read while waiting to make your way to a comic book store every Wednesday and buy physical media that will just take up space when you're done? Might I recommend Shadowgirls, a website that takes care of both of the above issues? Shadowgirls is from David A. Rodriguez and Dave Reynolds and is branded as a webcomic "experience." The webcomic is about Charon McKay, a fifteen year old gorl who disappears from the town of Innsmouth, MA. When she turns up nine months have passed and suffers from the same thing that happens anytime nine months pass: she's pregnant. The father is a mystery and even Charon doesn't really remember what happened and how she arrived at her present state. She gives birth to Rebecca Sue McKay, and like her mom she is also strange, prompting others to stay away from the familial duo. It's a good thing they're strange though, because I believe it's going to take strange people to deal with the strange creatures that have appeared in Innsmouth. Cue dormant powers. The comic will be updated Mondays and Wednesdays. They've just massively redesigned the website and are launching season 2 of the comic, so head on over and check it out. At the very least you'll save yourself a trip to the comic book store. Shadowgirls


  1. I love webcomics. I've been reading a few interesting ones myself lately and was thinking of doing a whole column on them. I'll add this one to my list.


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