Solicitation - The Iron Saint Volume 1 Trade Paperback

The Iron Giant was a fantastic movie. Iron Man is a pretty kickass superhero. The Iron Saint? Let's just say he's a man that's got the role of reformed hitman down pat. The Iron Saint Volume 1 Trade Paperback hits stores May 26 from Top Cow and collects Jason Rubin's original comic series (which was previously released as Iron and The Maiden. The series takes place in an alternate-universe 1930s where said reformed hitman and a debutante get caught amidst a three-way power struggle between the government, a religious sect and an underworld criminal organization. Sounds a lot like another Top Cow property. Written by Rubio and featuring art by Joel Gomez and Francis Manapul (cover by Chris Bachalo), the series has been called "Best New Ongoing Series" by CBR. All 176 pages will be available for $14.99 this May.