Stan Lee in Anaheim

Anaheim will play host to the inaugural Anaheim Comic Con April 16-18. The reason I'm telling you this is because Stan Lee will be there, and he's got some news he'd like to share with the attendees. “I’ve been pals with Gareb for 20 years and I’m a big fan of WIZARD magazine and the events he’s running. I’m really looking forward to the Wizard Con and to meeting all the fans—plus, there’s something else!” said Stan. I’m also eager to hear everyone’s reaction when I tell them my two breaking news announcements!” What in the world could those announcements be? Well, I'd venture a guess that it has something to do with Disney buying Marvel. Stan Lee obviously has ties to Marvel, and recently he's done work with Disney. So technically, he's back to working for Marvel in a way. My guess would be that he's going to be announcing some collaboration with Marvel in some capacity. This is just a guess though. What's even better though is that attendees will be able to attend a Q&A with Excelsior himself that's FREE. The 100% Cotton session will feature limited capacity so if you're planning on checking it out you're going to want to grab a seat sooner than later. If you can't make it to the show, an exclusive Stan Lee interview will take place at Anaheim Comic Con and be part of the June WIZARD issue #225 and on Stan Lee in Anaheim