We Kill T-shirts

You may have checked out We Kill Monsters, the six issue mini-series from Laura Harkcom and Christopher Leone. If you didn't, shame on you, as the series was chock full of monster fights, sibling teamwork and general hilarity. If you did and feel like you want to show that you know about one of the more indie comics, then you should definitely pick up a We Kill Monsters T-shirt from the Monstrosity IP store. The $17.99 T-shirt is available for men and women and is printed on an asphalt colored shirt with the comic's logo and name blazoned across the chest (you can order here). They've actually redesigned the entire website so even if you're not looking to get a spiffy new T-shirt you can poke around and check out info about We Kill Monsters and the creators themselves. And please check out the comic if you haven't already. It really is fantastic.