Atomik Mike

Stephan Nilson and Izzy Cruz have a webcomic they'd be thrilled for you take a look at. So thrilled in fact, that the comic available for free online, with a new panel being added daily. Atomik Mike boasts Mike, who has a great crew fast ship and cool nickname. Somehow though he's missing his body. Mike Connors is somehow transformed into a monkey which makes pursuing Captain Tariq and Mr. Peck slightly more difficult. Mike had it all; a great crew, a fast ship and even a cool nickname. The only thing missing from his life is his body. Transformed into a monkey, Mike Connors tries to keep his crew and salvage company intact while racing through the galaxy pursuing Captain Tariq and Mr. Peck, the men responsible for his predicament. And, if you like what you're reading you can "interact" (per the press release) with Nilson and Cruz on their


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