Defense with the BoomPick

You know what time it is don’t you? Already got the work week going, getting back into the swing of boring work, work and more work. Don’t worry as always Wednesday has you covered with a slew of new comics coming out to help you keep your sanity. If you have already seen the list of new comics coming out than I'm sure you can tell what my pick is going to be since that was the only comic that just stood out above the rest. Before you say it, yes another Deadpool comic as my pick I know, but what can I say? His comics are my kind with the action and the jokes; how can you go wrong with a title like Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1. A lot of folks in the Marvel Universe think that one Deadpool running around is trouble enough. What about four more of them causing chaos and doing what a Deadpool does best, cracking jokes and kicking some ass? As usual the universe needs saving and they went to Deadpool to get the job done, but for this job he’s going to need some help to do it. To round out his kickass squad of rescuers we have Lady Deadpool, the loveable zombie head of Deadpool (A.K.A. Headpool), the brilliant Kidpool and a foray into the animal kingdom with Dogpool. Sort of like ancient warriors of old: apart they can only do so much, but together they are the Deadpool Corps that are going to save the day and look good doing it.