Defense with the BoomPick

These days just seem to fly past and before you know it we are going to hit spring. Tomorrow is, of course, new comics day and a number of solid titles are coming out that seem to fit every variety of comic book reader out there. For that I felt to switch up a bit from my previous picks of mostly Deadpool comics (keep an eye out for Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2 coming out tomorrow). I decided to go with a pick from Zenescope Entertainment bringing to you a different take on the fan favorite zombie. This new comic from them has an interesting premise and title to go along with and I present to you The Waking #1. For once we get to see some zombies with a purpose in hunting people down for reasons other than to just eat them. We have the perfect environment a big city with murders going on all over it, and four detectives that are investigating certain murders have discovered something awry. It seems that the victims are bringing their own form of justice to the equation by coming back from the dead to find and kill the ones responsible for their death. The "undead" lead the detectives on the hunt to find what source is causing the people to reawake, which at the same time gives them a moral dilemma. Should they do their job and prevent the deaths of more people or allow a sense of street justice for these “wakings” do the job for them in a gory blood fest? Going along with these troubled detectives is a father with a mysterious ability and his own decision to make: avenge his slain daughter or risk losing her forever. You're going to have to pick this one up tomorrow to find out.