Defense with the BoomPick

Always do enjoy a good Tuesday since that next day is all about new comics coming out. Looking at this week's list of comics coming out it doesn’t look to disappoint with quite a few I see I am getting. For the purpose of this posting I can only pick one and that one you might have seen coming but what can I say; it’s been an awesome series so far. Of course I am talking about Merc with the Mouth #9, showing off the continued adventures of Deadpool trying to get rid of that Zombie Deadpool Head. After crossing over into the Zombie Deadpool Head's dimension, the little band of non-zombies find themselves on the run from every other zombie. The little group gets some help from what looks like the only people that have survived the zombie plague that swept the dimension. With the combined ideas of Dr. Betty and Professor Veronica, they have come up with an idea that might help figure out how to cure everyone. The idea of course is for Deadpool to somehow capture one of the zombie superheroes for a little experimenting. Seems like another day in the life for Wade Wilson, only this day is going to be a little more challenging while still wrought with some ass-kicking Merc style.