Defense with the BoomPick

I can’t stand the rain; it just ruins what could be a good day so easily. For some parts of the United States rain it's an all day buzzkill that makes tomorrow getting here faster all the better. Now put aside the thought of rain and enjoy the fact that tomorrow is new comic day, a day that can turn any sort of week around. Judging from the list of comics coming out tomorrow it won't disappoint. For my pick this week I am going to go with a new comic coming from Image titled Shuddertown #1. Going off the brief description of this title makes it my kind of comic, with the dead coming back to kill more people. Are they zombies? Vampires? What sort of undead creatures could they be that are killing people and driving Detective Hernandez crazy trying to solve it all? He slowly finds himself deeper and deeper involved in the mystery that surrounds the Shuddertown housing project where all the deaths have been happening. I know from this simple premise I am definitely interested and want to know what’s next.