Defense with the BoomStick

Good afternoon to everyone listening to this broadcast. I'm here to bring to you the news and tip of the week that might help your life one more day in this zombie world. Brandon here and not sure about where you might be listening from, but around my neck of the woods we've seen a lot of zombie attacks. Like I said last week, zombie attacks are on the rise and the groups are becoming larger. Enough about rumors, ideas and things of that nature...time for the news. Starting us off in the news are a few tidbits I picked up, but sorry to say I don’t have much this week. So far I haven’t heard any more news about that government push that they were planning on launching on a few weeks back. My contact in the forces there tells me they are still working out logistics and getting everything ready before making their move.

Did get some word out of the Florida Keys and caught some distress calls from there with talks of zombies walking out of the ocean and attacking their fortifications. Cuba sent word that they are assisting the people in the Keys and are standing by to help in case an evacuation is needed.

I also picked up word that a big outpost at the Supermax prison over in Colorado has been overrun after holding out for so long. None of the people who were there before the pandemic or those who arrived later made it marking the time that too few of us seem to be out there fighting. I’ll get to the tip of the week now. For this week I plan on going over certain signs that might alert you to zombies in the area or perhaps other humans that might be able to help you (or that might try and kill you).

One of the first dead giveaways is the lack of animal life in your immediate area or if it goes quiet all of a sudden. Be on the lookout until you find a spot to hide and when it does go quiet make sure to listen out for footsteps that seem to drag and not step. Look for fresh blood marks on walls and the ground to see if something might have come through that area recently and left a trail to see. I would say look for broken windows and damage along those lines, but with the way the world's been this last year and a half it's tough to tell the difference anymore really. Always remember when in a tight, enclosed area that you're in the most dangerous spot you can find yourself in, because mobility is the one thing you have to help combat zombies...keep that thought when entering any building. A way to gauge a certain location on possible zombie inhabitants is to create a diversion to lure them out, giving you an advantage in the process.

For telling whether humans are occupying a space look for any sort of defenses to start with. This is a first dead giveaway that someone is in the area or has attempted to make a stand there leading to the possibility of finding some supplies. Be on the lookout for any possible booby traps or trip wires that might litter the path which could cause harm to you and your group or quite possibly trap you with zombies. When traversing any area take caution of your path; with bandits still out there not helping the overall situation it’s possible to fall into a trap set up on the most obvious path. Sometimes taking the longer route could work to your advantage and make the difference in keeping you alive and not some zombie buffet or a supply train for bandits to hit. Also some groups mark safe paths through areas on the side of buildings or certain warnings as well that will clue you into the fact that humans are somewhere in the vicinity and travel this part frequently enough to leave signs. Being aware of your surroundings is what will keep you alive in the long run and keep you hardened to do what needs to be done. That’s it for this week. Got some body disposal to take care of and then more radio chatter to monitor. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.