Defense with the BoomStick

Monday, that day you would dread as the work week would begin and you just couldn’t wait for that weekend. Of course that was how it was before the zombies took over and turned this earth into shit. Brandon here and if you're listening it's time to hear the news as of late and for the tip of the week. No time like the present so let’s get to it. First up in the news I have some intel about the huge safe zone set up in New England.

They have stepped up the influx of supplies for all the survivors with more boats I’ve heard of arriving. Still no word if they are planning on advancing their offensive beyond the current wall they have. Other bit of news I've heard this week is that more survivor shelters and compounds have been requesting help and are falling to the zombies. This has been a growing trend I have been hearing over the airwaves and has me worried that people are giving up or just losing their will to fight. Got to remember to keep fighting and keep surviving if we are going to be able to live freely once more. For my tip today I am going to go over better sleeping practices when on the run and out in the open away from your base of operation.

While on the move you have to sleep; it’s a necessity or your senses slow down, mind becomes befuddled and you will most likely end up dead or a zombie. Finding the right spot can be tough sometimes depending on your environment. This is when being in a group helps greatly, as you have more sets of eyes to keep watch and increase your chances of making it through the night. If traversing across the United States look for water towers or high spots as those mark the best places to sleep for the night. If those aren’t possible there are other alternatives; look for big abandoned buses or trucks to sleep in that get you out of sight and make as little noise as possible, also making sure it's all locked up with the windows or doors shut.

If you come across a building and decide you need to stop and sleep make sure it’s nicely secluded and clear it first before bedding down. Always know a few exits out of that building in case you get some unwanted guests during the night and have a watch set to give you a little warning if you do have to leave quickly. When crossing across a vast hilly and plains sort of area these are the tough places to find some comforting sleep with no real secure place to bunk down at. Get into a valley and you’ll have to just hunker down and sleep as low as possible, but string some wire around your sleeping spot with whatever might make noise to give you a little edge. This is when surviving with a group is a whole lot easier and if you are listening to this broadcast I suggest that’s how you travel. These are just a few ways to get some sleep while on the move, but remember the basics find somewhere secure, out of sight and when possible have people on watch to keep an eye. That’s all there is for this week. Brandon signing off.