Defense with the BoomStick

Running on little sleep is never a good idea, as with diminished reflexes the brain isn't as sharp and that overall sluggish feeling will get you dead. Brandon here on this raining Monday afternoon and am tired as none other after a long few days. Time to shine a little knowledge on you fine folks and to share the news as of what I’ve heard. Let’s get to it shall we. First on the agenda is the news and a lot of reports coming from the country of Georgia.

Been getting chatter from numerous outposts in their mountainous regions and it seems that even more people have survived this long then I thought before. In my book this is some great news and goes to show we can outlast the zombie bastards and be able to live without fear. They have offered help to those close to them and that’s also a great sign of what we can accomplish. For a bit of news from the homefront it seems that more bandit groups have been causing trouble in South Dakota. They’ve set up trap roadblocks and have been raiding outposts all over the state, generally causing trouble for those of us trying to make something.

If you are on the move a lot or don’t have your defenses up to withstand an attack by humans then be careful. It’s a sad state that you not only have zombies to worry about constantly, but other humans who only wish to destroy and not build, steal and not earn. Make sure to keep your eyes open. Now for the tip of the week. In past broadcasts I went through the different weapons that can be used to dispatch a zombie; from melee weapons, handguns, machine guns and even using a car to get the job done. Today, I'm going over a few good tips on the use of machine guns in killing some zombies.

If your primary weapon is a machine gun, don’t fret too much over the lack of superior accuracy that a rifle or even a handgun can offer. A machine gun can still get the job done if used correctly, as going full auto all out on some zombies is sure to maybe take down one or two, but good majority of your shots are going to be a waste of ammo. Stick to short controlled bursts, allowing your ammo to last long in addition to scoring that deadly headshot.

When aiming at a zombie shoot for the upper center mass area of the body, as the gun is going to recoil some and lift up giving you a better chance of scoring the kill shot. Putting some sort of sights or scope on the gun increases your aim greatly and keeping the barrel short allows you change your line of fire quickly in addition making it a good close quarter weapon. There’s the tip for this week, got more work to do and some sleep to get. Until next week this is Brandon signing off remember to keep fighting.