Defense with the BoomStick

Last week was an interesting one and now that it’s Monday with time to do some things. Brandon here and I'm bringing at you the news as I’ve heard it and my tip of the week for all you listeners out there. On the interesting week part I just meant it was a rough week with little sleep, lots of work and just busy a little too much. Enough of that...let's get to the news. Newswise today I've got nothing but bad news, like we just can’t catch a break ya know. In Oberlin, Kansas, folks there have been sending out requests for help as they are surrounded by over a thousand zombies with a situation I don’t think anyone can help with. That's a suicide mission in all honesty and I feel bad about saying that, but it is what it is unfortunately and we just have to hope they can survive. If you wanted to go and help they are located in the Northwest part of the state, somewhere off of Interstate 70. I passed this message along to the government forces up in New England, but they don’t have the planes to go help as there’re all overseas with ground forces taking too long to get there if they tried. Gonna cut the news short today as I just can’t read anymore of this bad news and will pick it up next week onto to the tip. Tip today is going to be how to set up a corridor out in front of your place that will help funnel all zombies down, making easy kills for you. This is a better idea if you can find the resources type of situation, but a good idea still. Find two buses or tractor trailers that you can get to put flush up against the front wall of your place. Make sure to pop the tires to get the vehicles as close to the ground as possible and attach them to the building somehow or build up around their bases to help keep them from being tipped over. Using chains and cross support beams between the two vehicles to keep them righted also helps and if you build up some fortifications on top of the vehicles you can have people manning them, allowing for melee kills or much easier shots also being sort of like bait to get zombies to enter that kill area. Make sure after any engagement inside the little square that the bodies are disposed of properly or else to many bodies add up giving the zombies a hill to climb and get to you and yours. There’s the tip for this week remember to keep on surviving. Brandon signing off.