Defense with the BoomStick

If you’re listening out there then you know what this is and who this is as well. I only say it like this, because a friend complains to me about why I introduce myself every time I broadcast and I am tired of his complaints (Mike). Let’s get to it, shall we?

First up the news has us in Condon, Oregon, at a large outpost located up in the mountains there. They have a good portion of the area fenced off and are making a good living there. I have been in constant contact with the survivors and have learned some more news about that huge debacle on Washington. Remember that government plan to build a wall around the state Washington? Well, it backfired and a lot of people didn’t make it out of there, but it seems a good number made it down their way with zombies in tow.

A huge battle came to their doorstep and they endured a breach of the fence, but it seems all has been finished and it's now safe there they've told me. They lost a lot of good people during the fighting and are sending out an invitation to any others who are surviving on the run near those parts to come live there and rest.

Now it’s time for the tip. Tip today...let me think. I'm going to go over how to handle a clean-up after an attack on your location.

Provided the area is secure and no more zombies are going to be getting the drop on your outside of your safe spot, first make sure to have clothes and shoes on that you might have to get rid of. You don’t want to get any of the blood or guts on you because of risk that infection brings and surgical supplies work the best if possible. Second, go through the bodies and make sure every one of them has a head wound to ensure they aren't going to bite anyone.

Make a large pile out in an open field that you can set ablaze without risk of lighting nearby trees or bushes on fire. Once piled light it and make sure each body catches on fire, allowing them to burn down to ash. When you’re done either burn the clothes with blood on them as well or just bury them so as not to risk getting anyone infected and becoming a zombie. Always keep extra watch after burning the bodies, because the smoke could attract zombies close by or who weren’t even moving towards you.

There is the tip of the week. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving and we will win. This is Brandon signing off.