Dick Giordano passes away

Sadly, this morning saw the passing of Dick Giordano at 77 years of age, as he succumbed to pneumonia, as a result of complications from the leukemia, COPD and emphysema.

"Dick Giordano has left a lasting legacy as a comic book artist and as a DC Comics executive," said Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment. "I join the industry in recognizing his tremendous contribution to DC Comics and send my sympathy to his family and friends."

Giordano joined DC in the 60s as an editor and really became popular when he inked Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow alongside Neal Adams. He was also responsible for illustrating the first Marvel/DC crossover in Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-man in 1978. He even did the one-shot Superman vs. Muhammad Ali. Giordano worked closely with Adams and Continuity Studios to get young artists going, and had various stints with DC off an on until 1993.

Best wishes to the Giordano family. Comics have lost a legend.