The God Machine Rough Cut

If you're as big a fan of comics as you really say you are, then you should be interested in learning how they're actually created. Yes, it's impressive that you can list off every Green Lantern in history or recite Dr. Strange's incantations, but being able to strip down a comic to it's core is what makes you that much more a fan. The God Machine by Archaia Comics is a comic you might not have heard of (you really should check it out though, as Tom raves about it). Chandra Free is behind the comic and wants to give you a sneak peek before you buy it. Over on Free's DeviantArt page, you can get a glimpse into the process behind creating The God Machine. The Rough Cut series is intended to present the pages to you in pencil only, using only the original scripts and draft pages. No inks, formal fonts or blacked in areas. Nope. This is comics at its core. I recommend checking it out if you're a fan of The God Machine or comics in general. It's always awesome to gain more insight into the medium that you love, and finding creators like Free who make it so easy for you to do so make it that much better.


  1. Wow, thanks Jonathan!
    I don't know what to say!

    It's much appreciated!


    Core Comic account - The God Machine Comic @ DeviantART


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