The Goon movie still on track

Eric Powell is the expert on everything Goon. I mean, he did create the character and everything. So when he tells MTV Splash Page that the film adaptation of the thuggish character is still on track, I tend to believe him. "I think as soon as Fincher is finished working on the film he’s on now, they’re going to try and get this thing up and going," said Powell. "It’s in good shape. We’re slowly grinding forward, but all the blocks have to be in place first." The Fincher in question is David Fincher, the producer on such films as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And to all you naysayers that think Fincher will be just a figurehead on the film, think again. "Directing an animated film is a little different form directing a live-action film, but they’re still making those decisions," he explained. "Fincher is heavily involved and he’s going to have final say over everything, so we will get his input — he won’t just be a figurehead." Goon fans should realize that the film in question will be an animated film, although I could see a live-action film working as well. It would most definitely use the same film style as Hellboy as I compare the two main characters favorably. I can't say that I'm opposed to an animated Goon film, and knowing that Fincher will be actively involved gives me lots of hope. We're still in the dark as to what the movie's story will be about, but I'm sure Powell's got something up his sleeves that will make Goon fans happy.