Join the B.P.R.D.

Do you have a thirst for the strange and supernatural? Do you mind sharing space with a demon with the power to destroy the world, a hot chick who could kill you with flame if she chooses to and a scholar with a breathing problem? If so then boy, does Dark Horse have an offer for you. Over at their website, Dark Horse is asking for volunteers to join the B.P.R.D. team. The text from the site reads as follows: The B.P.R.D. wants you! Join the B.P.R.D. team and you'll be able to find out the latest Hellboy related news before anyone else. You'll have insider access to exclusive cover art and interiors, extended previews, editorial commentary, creator signings, contests, discounts and more. Additional secret assets will be released via Trevor Bruttenholm's Facebook page. B.P.R.D. members will be sent their official request to join Trevor Bruttenholm on FB after registering below. So yeah, it's not technically joining the B.P.R.D. It is a fan club however, that gives you the chance to get access to lots of inside stuff from Dark Horse before anyone else. There will also be secret assets released through Trevor Bruttenholm's Facebook page, and enrolling is free. What have you got to lose?