Magdalena #1 Albany Comic Con variant

When he's not inciting riots (or lamenting the Mets...Red Sox fan myself) on Twitter, Ron Marz is feverishly heralding a good chunk of Top Cow's primary universe characters. One of the newer characters coming under his wing is Magdalena, and over on his blog he's loosed a special, spiffy cover for Magdalena #1.

The cover is a variant edition in honor of the Albany Comic Con (April 25). Marz worked closely with writer/friend Saurav Mohapatra to find someone to color the Matt Smith penciled/Terry Austin inked cover to the edition. Marz found Saumin Patel (who collaborated with Suarav on Devi), who put a really an awesome twist on the cover. He managed to capture the "strong red of her costume highlights and inner cloak" which, according to Marz, reflects the recurring color motif in the upcoming series.

The cover is actually pretty hot if you ask me. Check it out above, and check out the show on April 25.