Marvel's next action figure? You decide!

It's ok if you're older and you play with action figures. I think Marvel is actually counting on that with the contest for you to decide the next exclusive Marvel action figure via Marvel Digital Comics. Marvel Digital Comics fans will have a chance to decide the next Marvel Universe 3 1/2 inch action figure. Interested fans can head here. The choices are Ms. Marvel (Dark Avengers), Archangel (X-Force) and Norman Osborn (H.A.M.M.E.R.) and winning figures will be unveiled at New York Comic Con this year. You've got till March 15 to get your vote in, so make it happen as soon as you can. Full press review after the jump. Marvel Wants YOU To Decide The Next Exclusive Marvel Action Figure! New York, NY (March 11, 2010) — Marvel Digital Comics (, in collaboration with Hasbro, is proud to bring the world’s greatest fan a chance to decide the next Marvel Universe 3 ¾ inch action figure! By visiting , fans can vote to decide the next red hot, limited edition figure! But you better hurry—voting ends at 11:59 ET on March 15th! The choices are: Ms Marvel (Dark Avengers costume) Archangel (X-Force costume) Norman Osborn (H.A.M.M.E.R. uniform) The winning figure will be unveiled at this year’s New York Comic Con (October 8-10) and be made available exclusively to fans signing up for a monthly subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited (see to sign up now!). Get in on the action now and visit to cast your vote for the next exclusive Marvel action figure!