New Arrivals: March 24, 2010

Tomorrow, Wednesday is upon us yet again my friends. Meaning middle of the week blues that can be made that much better by the knowledge that new comics are hitting your grubby paws sooner than you know it. At the comic book store, as you're perusing the racks looking for your usual one book in particular should be picked up. This is, of course, assuming your eye makes contact with the cover on the shelf and you share an intimate moment with the book. The book? Black Blizzard from Drawn & Quarterly. Written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Black Blizzard is Tatsumi's first full-length graphic novel and one of the first examples of Gekiga. Susumu Yamaji is a young pianist who is arrested for murder and handcuffed to a career criminal en route to prison. This would work out pretty boringly until an avalanche prompts the derailing of the train, giving the criminal a chance to escape, bringing Susumu along for the ride. This ends up being an unlikely love story and friendship, all for $19.95 in a lovely graphic novel form. Enjoy! New Arrivals: March 24, 2010