New Arrivals - March 31, 2010

If Wednesday of this week was one day later it would be either Thursday or April 1, which is also known as April Fool's Day. It's not though, and it's no joke that new comics will be coming out on Wednesday per usual. What else isn't a joke is the power of a man fighting the powers beyond him with a great vengeance and sense of betrayal.

This week's pick is from WildStorm and it's God of War #1. I actually just played the first two in the series for the first time thanks to the lovely PS3 collection and I was wicked impressed. Not to get too game review on you, but if you're a fan of third-person action games (think Bayonetta or Devil May Cry) you'll like the God of War series. Lots of button mashing combos and gratuitous Mt. Olympus violence. Now, about that book.

Marv Wolfman is dusting off his pen and paper (or keyboard) to create an origin story of sorts for Kratos, everyone's favorite, angry Ghost of Sparta. Go along with Wolfman and artist Kevin Sharpe (the particularly angry cover is courtesy of Andy Park) to Kratos' childhood to his defining battles to his current battle with the gods himself. This is the first of six issues and is an obvious tie-in to the recent release of God of War 3, which certainly isn't a bad thing.

Pick up the issue in stores tomorrow and I'd highly recommend checking out the series on PlayStation 3 (or 2 for the old heads) if you have the means. Nothing says excitement like ripping out a cyclops' lone eye as part of a four-button realtime event.


New Arrivals - March 31, 2010